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Cypheme and XPERTIO bringing AI Powered anti-counterfeiting solutions to Mexico and Latin America

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Cypheme partners with XPERTIO in Mexico to bring AI powered anti-counterfeiting solutions to Mexico and Latin America

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: XPERTIO Smart Industry Services ( is excited to announce a new partnership with Cypheme ( an innovative company that proposes technological anti-counterfeit solutions for brands and governments. Cypheme provides tools that work across industries with security and simplicity.

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“Protecting consumers and ultimately any brand start at the core of the manufacturing shopfloor and is carefully delivered through smart and digital supply and distribution networks, which is why we are excited to enhance manufacturers and distributors with Cypheme’s solutions and our XPERTIO engineering services,” says Alfredo Ricárdez, Managing Director at XPERTIO Smart Industry Services.

"At the core of our operations are the need to save lives, the improvement of brand value, and the recovery of lost revenue as a result of counterfeiting activities. Over the last couple of years, we have helped brands in many countries recover over 150 million Euros in lost revenue due to counterfeiting activities. We have saved thousands of lives and protected over 10 million individual products. We intend to take these further in the Latin American market, that is the reason why we are very excited with this partnership with XPERTIO. Our aim is to bring AI-Powered brand protection solution to the very doorsteps of brands in Mexico, and the larger Latin American market" - Gilles Bonnabeau, Director of Sales at Cypheme

This partnership will provide manufacturers and brands in Mexico and Latin America with,

  • An always evolving artificial intelligence solution and services to support their brand-protection and product-security strategies

  • Premiere engineering services provided locally and regionally, supported by an engineering team experienced in coding, serialization, aggregation, tracking and tracing for manufacturing and logistics networks

  • Local and regional understanding of market dynamics and regulations with a global approach to product security

XPERTIO Smart Industry Services provides engineering and industrial IT services to enable a real-time lean manufacturing environment across manufacturing and supply chain sectors leveraging the power of Industry 4.0 services and technologies to boost productivity and achieve operational excellence. Based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Cypheme's brand protection solution has been widely tested and proven to be fool-proof. The solution has been implemented in over 90 countries and counting, and it strategically provides a geolocation feature which helps manufacturers locate where the counterfeiting activities of their products are being carried out. This way, counterfeiters can be found out and apprehended.

To learn more how Cypheme and XPERTIO can help your company to protect your consumers and your brand in Mexico and Latin America, get in touch at, or


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