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Supporting the startup journey

Let's start together. We want to see you grow, we want you to be a fundamental part of industrial development in Mexico through the most innovative digital technologies in the Industry 4.0 portfolio

Call us, our guidance does not have any financial cost and can be adapted to your current startup stage.

xpertio Smart industry Services

Guidance and consulting

Our knowledge and experience at your service. Benefit from the  professionals in manufacturing, supply chain, foreign trade, automation and process control, agile methods, project management, IT service management. 


Industry 4.0  Joint ventures

Do you want to be more productive and optimize your processes using industry 4.0 technologies but do not have the required resources?

Partner with XPERTIO to achieve your goals!


Training and awareness

We can train your team so that they can achieve incredible results for your company. Our experts in smart manufacturing and digital supply chain will share fundamental knowledge that will help your collaborators to be more efficient and productive.

Starting up together

We share with you the entrepreneurial passion. 

Get in contact with our leadership team and discover the options we have to turn ideas into reality

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